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AIS Receiver: CYPHO-101
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AIS AtoN: MANDO-301/303
AIS MOB Beacon: TB-520
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AIS Receiver: CYPHO-101
The CYPHO-101 is unable to receive any messages from AMEC AIS Viewer on PC. However the CAMINO-101 was OK with the same. What could be the problem?
Can CYPHO-101 NMEA interface be connected to an external NMEA interface which is 5V?
Can CYPHO-101 NMEA interface be connected to more than 2 external NMEA devices?
Can a VHF antenna other than AMEC VHF antenna be used for CAMINO-101?
Does CYPHO-101 support my navigational software?
Why the receiver cannot receive AIS signals?
Does receiver work with my chartplotter?
Can CYPHO-101 pass the received AIS information to PC?
The unit does not power up.
How to know if my unit is functioning and outputting valid serial data?

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