Asset Protection

Asset Protection – Submarine Cable


The deployment of submarine cable is usually an expensive investment. The operation and maintenance of submarine cable is often a headache too. When the submarine cable is inexplicably damaged or broken, it often suffers heavy losses but has nowhere to seek compensation. This is indeed a difficult problem.

AMEC AIS AtoN equipment and monitoring software provide a cost effective solution to alleviate this problem.



As shown in the figure above, this solution uses the AIS AtoN navigation aid station to continuously send out virtual AIS signals to warn all ships in the sea near the submarine cable. When it is detected that a ship entering the warning zone may damage the submarine cable, a warning message can be sent immediately to avoid damage.


The system operation can be roughly described as follows:


  1. Label assets
    At the remote end, the exact location of the asset is accurately marked with virtual navigation marks, and this location information will be simultaneously displayed in the AIS system of the ships.
  2. Set the warning zone and event
    Plan and set the alert area around the asset on the system, and set the rules for initiating warning events.
  3. Continuous monitoring
    You can keep track of the dynamics of the ships passing by, including the ship’s name, size, type, nationality, real-time position, speed, course, draft and other information.
  4. Instant warning
    When there is any violation of the rules by the ships in the guard area, Watchdog will immediately start the event and notify the administrator immediately.
  5. Prevent damage
    The system automatically sends a warning to the violating vessel, requesting to leave the guard zone as soon as possible to prevent damage.


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