OEM Services

Alltek Marine is a leading provider of purpose-built and application-specific AIS transceivers and applications. With the expertise of our OEM service team, your access to professional and fully certified AIS product lineup is made easier than ever.


Our OEM product has been designed to permit extensive customization with a wide range of options from simple branding to new functionality and modified form factor. Our engineers with comprehensive knowhow are in the position to provide you future-proofing products from expandable functionality, upgradable design architecture to continuing compliance to the latest standards – a guaranteed long life and service cycle of your OEM project.


Alltek Marine’s products are manufactured in house to the highest international quality standards. Our high level of scalability derives from our strong bond with first-tier component distributors like Alltek Group. Firm intellectual property ethics, on-time delivery and process innovation sets us apart from other manufacturers of marine electronics.