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WideLink B600W
AIS Class B SO
WideLink B600W
Taking Class B to the next level
WideLink B600W is the Wi-Fi variation of the advanced B600 SOTDMA AIS class B transponder.

WideLink B600W is the Wi-Fi variation of the advanced B600 SOTDMA AIS class B transponder. Its powerful Wi-Fi module enables a stable connection with mobile devices. When working in AP mode, it can connect to 32 smartphones, table PCs or laptops. B600W can also join an existing Wi-Fi network in client mode. 

The high performance AIS class B transponder is equipped with 72-channel high speed GNSS receiver. It supports GPS and GLONASS by default and optional BeiDou and Galileo. B600 with GPS antenna GA-22 (optional) can be the ideal GPS source for your NMEA 2000 network or NMEA 0183 chart plotter.

The WideLink B600W converts NMEA 2000 instrument data into NMEA 0183 sentences, such as heading, speed, depth, temperature, wind, pressure and so on. With the multiplexing function, sensor data along with AIS and GPS information can be displayed on chart plotters and PC programs.

Its enhanced housing with IPx7 waterproof and shock and temperature robustness is ideal to survive harsh marine environments. Chart plotter and PC can be easily integrated over its NMEA 2000, NMEA 0183 and waterproof USB port. Its integrated micro SD card slot enables AIS data logging in the most intuitive way. Firmware upgrade via micro SD card is supported from device S/N A9K60S001 and up.

The integrated high-performance Wi-Fi together with AMEC AIS App makes your favorite smartphone or tablet a real-time AIS position plotter.

Introducing AMEC AIS App (Supports Android Only!)

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Displaying Your AIS Target in real time


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