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Easy to Install, Easy to Track, Easy to Locate!

A simplified “AIS Class B” device that offers efficient and cost effective vessel monitoring solution.


  • All-in-one portable AIS Class B device
  • Robust and compact design, easy installation
  • SRM transmission with SOS button
  • Typical operating time: 2 to 5 days
  • Rechargeable battery included

SKU Part Number:AMEC-TB560-110


The AMEC AIS Tracking Beacon (TB560) is a simplified“AIS Class B”device that o‑ers ecient and cost e‑ective vessel monitoring solution. With this device installed onboard, port authorities and/or vessel owners can identify and monitor vessels within AIS VHF transmission range.


The device is activated automatically when it´s mounted into a dedicated bracket. The unit’s tamper-proof feature intelligently prevents unauthorized transferring between vessels. TB560 can operate up to 5 days with its rechargeable battery. The device has built-in VHF and GPS antenna for easy carriage and installation. It can transmit SRM (SOS) message in case of emergency.


TB560 is compact, lightweight and robust even for smallest crafts. A wide range of optional functions are available for users to make the product fit for individual application.


All-in-One Device

TB560 is supplied with built-in VHF antenna, GPS antenna, and internal rechargeable battery. Handy! Ready to serve!


Removable AIS Class-B

TB560 can be installed and activated on vessel easily when vessel crew onboard. It can also be deactivated and removed from vessel in a second. A portable device for small vessel tracking and monitoring.


Anti-Tamper Capability

TB560 can be properly activated only if the unit is installed in the bracket which is paired to it.  Removing TB560 from the bracket will turn off the unit automatically.


Up to 5 Days Operation

The internal battery can support the device to operate for  2~5 days, depending on its AIS signal transmitting interval setting (which is configurable during installation) and its battery lifecycle.



Power Supply Option

TB560 is typically powered by the internal rechargeable battery. The internal battery can be re-charged via external AC/DC charging unit. TB560 can also be powered by optional solar-panel when necessary. This device is suitable for small craft or jet-ski without an electrical power supply on board. TB560 can also be powered via vessel power supply with an optional DC/DC power adapter.

High Performance for Your Safety

Built on the market-proven AMEC class B architecture, the TB560 is designed to deliver high performance both for crew member and authority with safety features included.


Satellite-AIS Tracking as Option

Take advantage of our optional satellite-AIS tracking capabilities powered by exactTrax technology, which extends the vessel tracking and monitoring to a global coverage. Refer to Satellite-AIS section for more details.


More Features to Exceed Your Expectations

TB560 provides a series of optional security features, tailored for requirements of authorities and extend the versatility and functionality of TB560.

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