AIS Aids to Navigation

Future-proof AIS AtoN you can rely on

The MANDO & N series are the AIS Aids to Navigation that provides transmission and control for a wide variety of applications. Its ruggedness and reliability make it an excellent solution for remote deployment, including offshore buoy, wind farm, lighthouse, and hydrometeorological stations.


What is the difference between type 1 and type 3 AIS AtoN?

The main difference between type 1 and type 3 AIS AtoN is the used access scheme depending on their hardware configuration.


Characteristic\model Type 1 (N321 & MANDO-301) Type 3 (N323 & MANDO-303)
Tx / Rx Tx only (transmitter)  Tx and Rx (transceiver)
Within base station coverage Yes No, which means big deployment flexibility
Power consumption Ultra-low Low
Chaining No Yes
Remote configure No Yes
Repeater No Simplex AIS repeater, include repeat AIS SART message.