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Pengjia Islet lighthouse modernized and automated Exhibition & Events2022-11-27

Pengjia Islet is a volcanic island 56 km off the northwestern coast of Taiwan. The Pengjia Islet lighthouse was built in 1909 on crater to aid in the safety of mariners and fishermen along its treacherous cliff coastline.


For over 100 years, the lighthouse keepers have been responsible to light the lamp on a daily routine, as well as for the maintenance of the lighthouse’s traditional lamp and its mechanics. With the retirement of the aging keepers, automation becomes a task in desperate urgency.


The decommission of the replenishment tanker commuting between Taiwan and Pengjia Islet represents a further challenge for the lighthouse’s operation since the diesel supply needed for power generator is no more secured.


The lighthouse upgrade was carried out by the AMEC team of experts with the following outcome:


  • Reduced power consumption with LED light source, while retaining the heritage value of the optic lens.
  • Virtual light focus adapted to Fresnel glass for easy installation and improved reliability.
  • The advanced LED achieves long service life (up to 100,000 hours) and a higher effective range of 26nm, compared to original filament lamps.
  • Hybrid wind and solar power source backed by intelligent micro grid for independent and resilient power supply.
  • Automated monitoring, alerting and diagnosis system with remote control directly from the mission center of Taiwan maritime port bureau.
  • Collecting big data for long term power efficiency monitoring and MTBF (Mean Time Between Failure) analysis.
  • Video surveillance in and around the lighthouse.
  • Peer to Peer VPN for secured data communication and remote-control operation.


“We are impressed with the AMEC lighthouse project which provides comprehensive, reliable and efficient solution tailored to the heritage lighthouse. Its implementation on such a remote islet within the required time frame is also a huge success. We are proud to make a small contribution to the lighthouse’s vital role in safeguarding the navigation safety in Pengjia Islet’s water.”, said Louis Wu, Chairman of Alltek Marine.


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