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B600W positively reviewed by Panbo Product / Technical News2021-08-25

Panbo, the world-famous marine electronics hub, has reviewed B600W with affirmative comments. In this article, you can learn some in-depth information about B600W's NMEA translation and multiplexing function, as well as configuration details of the AIS transceiver with mobile navigation apps like Navionics, TimeZero iBoat or iNavX.

Here some quotes from the article:

"The AMEC WideLink B600W that I recently installed on Gizmo Junior pretty well illustrates the state of Class B these days, and also includes a rare data multiplexing ability that can improve PC or tablet navigation."

"Overall, I rate the Amec WideLink B600W a solid contender in the Class B market, and especially valuable for those trying to get the most out of mobile or PC navigation apps."

Read the Panbo article here:


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