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  • AIS AtoN project completed in Yucatan, Mexico

AIS AtoN project completed in Yucatan, Mexico Lastest News2022-01-03

Alltek Marine is pleased to announce that we have completed a contract in Yucatan, Mexico with 20+ AIS AtoN and comprehensive installation support. The AIS AtoN transponders are CE & FCC certified for use on ocean buoys and will be working autonomously on solar power along the Progreso port to enhance operational safety and efficiency.

Our professional and real-time technical support is especially valued by our local partner. "All the buoys are working now. Thank you very much Alltek Marine team, you guys are lifesaver" said Dylan, project manager of the installation team.

"The swift and smooth deployment represents an important milestone for our company. We plan to keep growing our presence in the middle American region by supporting our customers to adopt the best and most innovative AIS AtoN solutions" said Y.Y. Chiou, VP Sales and Marketing of Alltek Marine.


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