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Alltek Marine, also known as AMEC, is the world's leading provider for high-quality, highly innovative AIS electronics and solutions. With headquarter in Taipei, Taiwan and sales and service facilities in Singapore and Canada, Alltek Marine is in a unique position to flexibly address the global market by offering full spectrum of AIS appliances and applications, from modules to transceivers to large scale vessel monitoring system.

Founded in 2006, Alltek Marine is committed to delivering best-in-class products by mastering every stage from design, engineering, certification to production. Nowadays we serve channel partners in over 55 countries. Our AIS solutions are trusted by worldwide maritime authorities and system integrators. The innovation, reliability and performance of AMEC products defy the expectation of our customers.

Our mission is
to leverage continual RF innovations
to create more safety
for your journey at sea.

Technology Leadership

Technology Leadership

We are a leading company constantly exploring new RF approaches and technologies for a more sustainable,
more efficient, and safer marine environment. Highly skilled engineers and M.Sc. employed at Alltek Marine continue to
advance our products and manufacturing methods every day.

Fully understanding the safety challenges the mariners nowadays are facing, Alltek Marine steadily invests in technology development. More than 50% of our employees are technicians who are thrilled to explore, develop, and conduct tests at Alltek Marine and in our manufacturing plant. It’s no coincidence that our products have set numerous industry’s first in the past decade.


Alltek Marine established by a small team of engineers with enthusiasm in AIS and marine electronics


AIS Class B CAMINO-101 BSH & CE approved


AIS Class B with display CAMINO-201 BSH & CE approved


Smallest form factor in industry: MANDO-301/303 BSH&CE approved AIS SART Plomo-500 MED approved


First MED approved all-in-one Class A with color display: CAMINO-701 AIS Class B CAMINO-108/108W BSH/CE approved


First AIS MOB with CE approval: TB-520
First AIS receiver with built-in splitter: CYPHO-150S


High performance portable AIS: TB-560


First SOTDMA Class B transponder approved by BSH


Satellite-tracking enabled: B600/B108/TB560/etc.




P200 AIS Class B with Display


60GHz Radar Module


N323, the most power-saving AIS AtoN


A750, our 2nd generation class A transponder system with superior performance and utmost reliability

Quality Management

Quality Management

As a provider of AIS transceivers, modules, and applications solutions, our product quality has a huge impact on the situational awareness and safety of our end-users at sea. Hence Alltek Marine has attached great importance to quality management since its inception, and has continuously adopted advanced measures to establish a well-functioning quality management system.

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All our products have been independently tested and certified by renowned and independent test labs and Notified Bodies such as the BSH (Das Bundesamt für Seeschifffahrt und Hydrographie), Phoenix Testlab, and TÜV SÜD to ensure their full compliance with IMO, CE RED, FCC, ISED, CCS and the RS standards, etc. Our organization and internal quality testing programs are certified by ISO 9001 and MED Module D, which makes us recognized across the global as a brand with a superior quality.

High standards and stringent requirements established over the years have constantly steered Alltek Marine to an industry-leading position in quality management, which in return has lowered our production costs and enhanced our overall competitiveness. Over the years, Alltek Marine has invested extensively in laboratory equipment and customized testing tools to enable tests of our products at all levels. Our broad collaboration with accredited test labs ensures comprehensive and professional approach to RF, EMC, mechanical and environmental tests.


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Alltek Marine is committed to green operation compliant with the requirements of both customers and official regulations. Indicators for waste reduction and electricity consumption have been established for the manufacturing process to control resource consumption and minimize resource waste. Practical production planning and scheduling have also been adopted to enhance the usage of equipment and facilities.

Green Procurement

We paid close attention to proper chemical substance management. The control requirements on prohibited substances and substances to be phased out have been specified to ensure compliance with the Registration, Evaluation, Authorization, and Restriction of Chemicals (REACH), Restriction of the Use of Certain Hazardous Substances (RoHS), and other applicable laws and international regulations.

Green Production

Since 2016, unrecyclable materials like Styrofoam, plastic stretch wrap or PET strapping are eliminated from our packaging. Unnecessary plastic bags are no more in use to make our products eco-friendlier.

Digital technologies are adopted in Alltek Marine’s daily operations to reduce consumption of paper, ink cartridges, and other consumables in office operations, building paper-free office. Energy conservation plans are implemented in each unit with measures such as purchasing energy-efficient lighting equipment and computers, setting minimum temperature for air conditioners, and reusing paper to promote energy conservation and emission reduction among employees.

Manufacturing Excellence

Alltek Marine strives to achieve excellence in manufacturing with our experienced line workers and technicians, our ever-evolving production facilities, and our suppliers across industries. Using the forward-thinking mindset and paying meticulous attention to detail throughout the manufacturing process, Alltek Marine products offer the best in class and will provide the highest standards of navigation and safety at sea.

Our manufacturing capabilities translate into reliable, robust products that are delivered on-time to our customers. These include:

  • In-house developed manufacturing fixtures and tools
  • Intelligent warehousing with temperature and humidity control
  • Advanced test facilities for facilitated and thorough test procedures
  • High-precision assembly
  • Lean Manufacturing with optimized stock and reduced waste
  • Manufacturing sites periodically audited by MED Module D


As a proud member of Alltek Group — one of Taiwan's leading corporations
Alltek Marine is backed by a strong partner from the very beginning.

At Alltek Group, the philosophy of giving – and earning – trust and loyalty has long been the foundation of our success. It is at the center of everything we do, constantly driving us to develop better solutions that will improve the future for our communities and the people who live in them across the world.